FAQ Blood Pressure

Q: What exactly is blood pressure?

The heart creates pressure in order to pump the blood around the body. The level of this blood can vary depending on the heart´s rate of work and the resistance in the blood vessels.

Q: What are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

The trouble with high blood pressure is that usually, there are no symptoms. The best idea is to ask your doctor for a check-up, or use a personal blood pressure monitor.

Q: What are the long term risks of high blood pressure?

The trouble with high blood pressure can lead to numerous health problems including heart attacks, circualtory problems and kidney failure. It is also one of the most common causes of strokes.

Q: What causes high blood pressure?

Many things, often linked to modern living. Among the most common are obesty, over-indulgence in alcohol, smoking, lack of excercise and the stress of modern life. High blood pressure can also be hereditary.

Q: What can I do to lower my blood pressure?

Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, fresh vegetables, potatoes and rice. Avoid animal fats and use less salt. Try to drink less alcohol and exercise more. If you smoke, stop. If needed, your doctor will also prescribe suitable medication. You can also use the product Resperate that will actively help you lower your blood pressure.

Q: How accurate are personal blood pressure monitors, and how often should they be used?

All blood pressure monitors in our sortiment are correctly calibrated and have been clinically validated, making them extremely accurate. Normally blood pressure should be monitored twice a week.